Harper-Leavitt Engineering, Inc. (HLE) is a full service engineering, surveying and materials testing consulting firm with a combined employee experience of 158 years. Organized in 1969, HLE has served Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming providing personal service to its clients. We have offices in Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, and American Falls giving us the ability to quickly respond to client needs.
Planning and Land Development
Residential, Commercial, Educational, Industrial, Retail, Parks

HLE offers full services to those in the Land development Industry. We can start with feasibility studies. We work with the developer to rezone, subdivide, annex, and/or plat property - providing necessary survey services. If a real-estate transaction is necessary, we often provide an Environmental Site Assessment report.

To prepare for the design phase of a project we perform geotechnical soils investigations for foundation and pavement design.

Using the survey and geotechnical information, our engineers work together with the client or design team to develop the civil design drawings including: Site Layout, Utility Design, Storm Water and Site Grading Design. Often construction requires a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. When construction begins, our staff begins construction management, materials testing, and inspection.

In conjunction with land development we also provide support and design services for the water resources, and transportation business sectors.

  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies & Entitlement
  • Land Use Master Planning & Design
  • Permit Processing & Tracking
  • Large-Scale Program Management
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Subdivisions
  • Site Engineering
  • Parking Layout
  • Stormwater Management and Sediment Control
  • Water Resource Modeling
  • Water Systems Networking
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Well Design
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewer Design
  • Septic System Design
  • Roadway Planning & Design – Urban, Primary, Secondary
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Surveying and Mapping

HLE has one of the largest and most technically qualified surveying staffs in Idaho and the surrounding states. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the most recent technology, and incorporate the most efficient methods to insure speed and accuracy in producing a product. With licenses in Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, HLE covers the region to remote counties, still providing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

  • Boundary
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
  • Topographic
  • Plats & Subdivisions
  • GIS Mapping
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Right-of-Way
  • Hydrologic
  • River Cross-Sections
  • 3D Scanning
  • Aerial Mapping Control
  • Cadastral
  • Highway Construction Survey
  • Route Surveys
  • Cellular Tower Sites
  • Gas and Pipeline
  • Construction Staking
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Oil and Gas Leases
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Roads/Highways, Bridges, Airports, Transit Facilities, Walkways/Trails

Recognizing the importance of our area’s infrastructure, Harper- Leavitt Engineering provides quality professional transportation services. We have been responsible for the engineering of many miles of roadways and walkways along with the underground design of water, sewer, and storm sewer mains. We enjoy airport planning and design.

  • Transportation Planning
  • Public Involvement Campaigns
  • Roadway/Highway Engineering
  • Structural Engineering & Bridge Design
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning & Design
  • Aviation Planning & Engineering
  • Surveying, 3D Scanning & Mapping
  • Drainage Design
  • Wetlands Mitigation & Permitting
  • Utility Coordination & Relocation
  • Construction Administration & Inspection
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Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing

The Geotechnical Engineer has a role in every project that involves earth structures, that requires a foundation in soil or rock, or that is constructed below the ground surface. Our engineers and technicians work to provide solid information for design, and follow up with inspection and testing to ensure that their recommendations have been accurately interpreted and implemented into construction.

HLE has a materials testing lab in the Idaho Falls office. We provide testing of soils, asphalt, and concrete through out the region. All testing conforms to ASTM standards.

  • Soils and Foundation Investigations, Recommendations, and Studies
  • In-House Soils and Materials Lab
  • Soil Sampling and Classification
  • Concrete Inspection and Testing
  • Nuclear Density Testing
  • Pavement/Roadway/Highway Testing
  • Landfill Design
  • Soil Stabilization & Classification
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Foundation Design
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Standard Penetration Testing
  • Dynamic Cone Penetration for Pavement Design
  • Rock Coring
  • Groundwater Control/dewatering
  • Geotechnical Investigations
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