Bryce D. Jolley--President
Bryce D. Jolley (Vice President) PLS #5360 is a registered Professional Land Surveyor in Idaho. Mr Jolley is responsible for the overall office management and coordination of all projects and personnel in the Blackfoot office. He has over 32 years of experience working with and overseeing residential, commercial development for the proper collection of data in conjunction with boundary surveying, control surveys, ALTA/ACSM surveying, topographic and location surveying. He is a member of American Congress of Surveying and Mapping and the Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors.

B. Luke Jolley--Senior Engineer
Luke Jolley, P.E. is a registered Professional Civil Engineer in the States of Idaho, and Wyoming. Mr. Jolley has fifteen (15) years of experience in civil engineering projects within the southeastern Idaho area and manages all HLE engineering operations from our Blackfoot office. Luke’s civil engineering experience includes geotechnical engineering, roadway planning and design, sanitary and storm sewer design, wastewater facilities planning studies, water systems networking, storm water management, parking layouts, bridge design and master planning.

Anthony Koon--Project Engineer
Anthony Koon, P.E. Idaho #10386 has designed several bridges and other structures and has experience in construction engineering for many bridge projects.

Clint Jolley--Survey Manager
Clint Jolley, PLS Idaho #15571, is a registered Professional Land Surveyor and has over 16 years of surveying and staking experience. Clint manages the construction survey operations within the Idaho Falls office.

Chris Street--Survey Manager
Chris Street, PLS Idaho #12224, Montana, and Wyoming. He manages the survey operations in the Blackfoot office. Chris has over 16 years of surveying and staking experience.

Frank Sykes--Testing & Inspection Manager
Frank Sykes manages our Soils and Materials Testing & Inspection services with more than 30 years of experience. A Testing and Inspection company is hired to ensure that construction follows the plans and specifications for a project, Frank and his staff provide this assurance in a friendly, straightforward manor. Frank also runs the soils and materials testing lab for Harper-Leavitt Engineering.
Steven Heath--EIT
Steven Heath, Engineering Intern, is involved in many aspects of Civil Engineering and has over 10 years experience in construction and project management.